Open Source Aviation Makes It Possible to Own a Private Airplane for $15,000

What!! Do you think am bluffing??? Unfortunately am not. Buying an Airplane is no more a distant dream, thanks to Open Source technology. From your smartphone to an airplane, Open Source technology is possibly running it all and making everything cost-friendly too. So, now you can buy an airplane for $15000, which is almost equivalent to the cost of 10 MacBook Pros.

The MakerPlane team has made the aircraft technology ‘cheaper’ than ever. With the backing of a crowd-funded open source initiative, the team is now designing a light sport aircraft that will be good to fly two people. The best part of the aircraft is its price. If the project interests you, you can buy it for $15000.

The MakerPlane team is using all possible technologies to make the aircraft light and cheap, including composite body parts and 3D-printed components. Other more complex part like radios and air data computers have to be sourced by the builders. The aircraft is also likely to include an anti-collision system.


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